Osprey Farpoint 40

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Osprey designs rock solid, well engineered, and very sleek looking travel bags. To me, Osprey is one of those luggage companies that acts as the gold standard for other bag makers to aspire too.

When new bags or carry ones come out on Kickstarter, or I learn of another company, the first thing I do is compare them to whatever Osprey is offering in that category.

The only reason I don't personally use an Osprey bag for one-bagging is that, when I was shopping for my last bag, they didn't have one with a separate and easy to access laptop compartment. Because I'm usually working while traveling I need to be able to access my laptop very quickly without unzippering a lot of chambers.

Besides nit-picking the "Osprey look" and the laptop compartment issues there isn't a lot else not to like. I've taken the wheeled Ozone bag on trips and found the Osprey had a very high-quality construction and always felt like new even after getting tossed around by airport security.

Luggage always lasts a couple of trips before the wear and tear starts to be more visible but the Osprey carry-on I used handled the beating well.

Comes in a S/M and M/L size which changes the capacity and dimensions a bit.

✈️ 61% (120/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 61% of airlines.

Osprey Farpoint 40
Capacity 40
Weight 1.4
Dimensions 23 x 36 x 53
Laptop Sleeve No

Manufacturer: https://www.osprey.com/us/en/product/farpoint-40-FARPNT40.html

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