Master Level Around the World Packing List

Carry-On Travel Backpack:

Osprey Farpoint Travel Pack 40

Osprey Farpoint Travel Pack 40

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Capacity 40L
Weight 1.4
Dimensions 53 x 36 x 23
Front facing view of the Osprey Farpoint Travel Pack 40

📆 120 days in World
🌡 Between -2 and 32 degrees.
Travel Month: January
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This pack is expertly organized and probably very easy to rummage through or pack and unpack.

With five pairs of packed underwear and six pairs of socks, this person can spend a long time between loads of laundry. Packs that optimize for days between laundry are always more comfortable than packs loaded with extra comfort items.

A day with grimy and smelly clothes is much worse than not having a band-aid or your favorite hair dryer. Plus, an extra day of clothes gives you a buffer in case one set of clothes get's dirty or ruined. If you have timed your trip to do laundry on a Wednesday because you have an activity planned for Thursday, and then one of your sets of clothes gets dirty, then what you'll be stuck canceling your Thursday plans or wearing smelly clothing.

Freedom to Move

You gain free of freedom by skipping a comfort item and adding extra undergarments. One of our packing lists has a hair curler. I'd rather have three extra pairs or underwear than something that makes my hair pretty.

The trail running shoes are a bit curious as they could be a bit overkill for urban areas but should prove extra durable no matter what. Shoe selection always depends on how adventurous you want to be. Usually the more durable, the more weight though, so be careful. Those top of the line hiking shoes will be double or triple the weight of a simple shoe.


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John Farrell
Packing List
2 Prince & Wool button downs
3 Wooly tshirts
Uniqlo Ultra Down puffy jacket
Outdoor Research Helium II rain jacket
The North Face fleece (to be shipped back once out of winter weather)
Nike puffy jacket (to be shipped back once out of winter weather)
5 EOfficio underwear
Under Armour compression shorts
Mountain Hardware climbing pants
Outlier Futureworks pants
Nike Terra Kiger trail running shoes
6 Darn Tough wool socks
Quicksilver shorts/swim trunks
swim/workout shorts
rubber sandals
Google Fi phone
iPhone (I need 2 phones for work)
MacBook Air laptop
Bose noise cancelling earbuds
Electronics/cables organizational cube
Kikkerland travel adapter (will end up leaving one adapter behind)
Ceptics global travel adapter w/ 2 USB ports (will end up leaving one adapter behind)
Battery pack
GoPro + stick
USB drive
Toiletries bag
Sleeping mask
3 gallon Ziplock bags
Bars / Clif Bars
Clothes line
Dry bag (for valuables)
Travel insurance proof
Passport photos
REI Flash 18L