About One Bag Travel

👋My Story

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Hi, I'm John.

One Bag Travel was created because I wanted a place to compare carry-ons, collect packing lists for inspiration, and create a community of minimalist packers.

I've always been a light packer, but after almost missing a ferry in Croatia because somebody in my group took forever to pack up their luggage I became more serious about minimalist travel.

Picking up a light piece of luggage feels so good to me. Having just enough clothes and plenty of space brings me joy.

Nothing makes me happier than walking around with a light pack on my back when other tourists struggle with lugging around roller bags on ancient European cobblestone streets.

These days, whether I'm in Thailand for a month or going to see my Dad on a quick trip, I always bring just enough to ensure maximum agility and flexibility. I love moving fast, packing up and going, and saving money checking bags.

I do all the work myself, from programming to writing.

🌎 Carbon Impact

Besides my own personal reasons for one bagging, I do hope to make OBT a resource that can help reduce the carbon emissions of air travel by packing less.

Leaving a single pair of shoes behind can make a big impact on the carbon emissions of an aircraft. Going from 20kg of checked luggage to 10kg in a backpack can make a difference.


Currently, one-bag travel costs me more to run than I make in revenue.

In an attempt to at least break even, you'll see some Amazon Affiliates' links and ad blocks that barely make any money around the website.

I don't have any special relationship with any luggage reviewers, carry-on companies, or other organizations. It's just me and some freelancers I hire to help with writing from time to time.

Special Thanks

A lot of people have helped me along the way so thank you for making this website better.

  • Kevin Evans for letting me know the packing lists weren't showing up.
  • Leila Emadin for reminding me laundromat is a word.