♀️ Female Packing Lists

I don't have a lot of experience packing as a female traveler so I created a section of the website to highlight female packing lists.

I'm a male, and from my experience, three of my t-shits takes up the same room as four or five of my female traveling companion's shirts. Also, I tend to be pretty warm most of the time so I don't really need to think about extra layers for when temperatures drop at night.

If any women out there have any packing tips for women they would like to share then please get in touch via the Contact page. I'd love to fill this section with practical advice for female travelers.

Packing List for the Beautiful Orange and Grey Contrasts of Paris in the Fall
📆 35 days
🌎 France
🌡️ 3 to 7 °C (37.4 to 44.6 °F)
📜 14 items
Carry On:
Timbuk2 Aviator
thumbnail of carry on bag - 2c7Q_c8Y.jpg
28 Weeks, 19 Liters, and an Experienced Packer
📆 28 days
🌎 Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, and South Korea
🌡️ 22 to 33 °C (71.6 to 91.4 °F)
📜 39 items
One Bag Around the World for 1+ Year
📆 365 days
🌎 Worldwide
🌡️ 0 to 35 °C (32 to 95 °F)
📜 82 items
Carry On:
Mei Voyageur
thumbnail of carry on bag - E52ty9o7.jpg
Minimalist Packing List from a Female One Bagger
📆 365 days
🌎 Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia
🌡️ 20 to 30 °C (68 to 86 °F)
📜 60 items
Carry On:
Macpac Kahu 22
thumbnail of carry on bag - h22glrdbun.jpg