One Bag Around the World for 1+ Year

Carry-On Travel Backpack:

Mei Voyageur

Mei Voyageur

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Capacity 48L
Weight 1.6
Dimensions 56 x 36 x 20
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📆 365 days in Worldwide
🌡 Between 0 and 35 degrees.
Travel Month: August
Picture of packing list titled: One Bag Around the World for 1+ Year

What would you pack for twelve months of travel?

That is just the question Rikka asked herself before starting to travel for a year.

Picking and choosing what to carry along for a year means that every decision is critical. A wrong choice could mean carrying something you didn't need for a year or missing something you don't have for a year. Then again, you can pick up most things on the road, but you'll always remember that shirt you left at home.

What is impressive about this packing list is that Rikka posted an updated packing list, one year later with all the pros and cons of her various items and what she swapped in and out during her year of travel.

My second favorite part about this list is that her choice of carryon, the Mei Voyageur, comes with little in the way of organization and you have full control on how you utilize your packing cubes and space. Luggage with less built-in compartments gives you the freedom to pack how you want and gives you slightly more space.

Love the roll-up tote. You always an extra bag on hand for carrying laundry around or food depending on where you are staying. Sometimes a day bag doesn't cut it. Hard to safely carry a box of orange juice, a carton of eggs, and some fruits or vegetables in a day bag.


Added By:
John Farrell
Packing List
2 Pairs Comfy Sneakers/Walking Shoes, Waterproof, Odor Resistant (Naturalizer BZees)
Pair Dress Up/Down Shoes (Minnetonka)
Flip Flops (Airwalk)
3 Pairs Underwear (EOfficio)
2 Bras (EOfficio) and Sports Bra (Xersion)
4 Pairs Socks (Smartwool)
5 Tank Tops (2 Icebreaker, Xersion)
2 Short Sleeve Shirts (2 Xersion)
2 Longsleeve Button Down Over-Shirts
Sweater/Sweatshirt (Icebreaker)
2 Pants, Skinny, and 1 Wide (EOfficio)
Leggings (Icebreaker)
Black Dress (Ibe)
Swim Shorts (also for sleeping and everyday wear)
2 Bikinis
2 Lightweight Scarves
Multipurpose Heavy Scarf (doubles as satchel/purse/handbag)
Rain Jacket (Quikpac)
Pair Sunglasses w/ Case
Pair Eyeglasses w/ Case
Pouch with Inexpensive Jewelry
Gloves and Earmuffs (will probably leave behind in Iceland)
Superabsorbent XL towel (Packtowl)
Wash Cloth (Salu)
Hard Perfume
Multipurpose Unscented Soap (Dr. Bronner's)
Razor w/ 4 extra blades (Schick)
Shave Oil (Somerset's)
DIVA Cup and Wash (forget about tampons/pads!)
Hair Paste (Joico)
Foldable Toothbrush
Contact Lens Solution, Case, and Eyedrops
8 Contact Lenses
Oilbased Sunscreen (Riemann)
Hand Sanitizer
DEET insect repellent lotion (Ultrathon)
DEET insect repellent wrist bands (Evergreen)
Nail File
Small Manicure Set
Laundry Detergent Sheets
Tide Pen
Sink Stopper
Mini Sewing Kit
Waterproof Smartphone Cover
Pair Headphones w/ Case (Sol)
Digital Recorder & USB Cable
4 Slot USB Port
Smartphone Car & Wall Chargers
Travel Plug w/ USB Input
Solar Charger (XTGSOL 500)
Waterproof Digital Camera (Olympus) and Charger
Floatable Camera Strap
Gripping Camera Tripod (Joby)
Tablet/Laptop w/ Keyboard, Cable, Cover, and Mouse (Surface Pro 2)
Windows Phone (unlocked)
First Aid Kit
Malaria pills
Water Purification Tablets
Ear Plugs
Tea Tree Oil
Safety Pins and Baggy Ties
Contact Card
Pouch w/ important travel documents (passport copies, prescriptions, tickets, etc.)
2 Money/Coin Pouches
International Travel Translator
Blog and Personal Business Cards
2 TSAapproved Baggage Locks
Antitheft bag net (PacSafe)
Sleeping Liner (Silk)
Lightweight, Rollup Tote
Day Pack (Rick Steves)
Collapsible Water Bottle (Platypus)
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Picture of packing list titled: One Bag Around the World for 1+ YearPicture of packing list titled: One Bag Around the World for 1+ YearPicture of packing list titled: One Bag Around the World for 1+ YearPicture of packing list titled: One Bag Around the World for 1+ Year