Osprey Talon 33

Although the Osprey Talon is the perfect back for adventure travel, day camping, or hiking, there is no reason you can't onebag with it or take it on a backpacking trip.

The bag looks great and has the typical sleek and stylish Osprey look. Black bags stink, literally, in the sun and heat and the Talon comes in some nice colors.

The Talon, being a hiking/camping backpack has a great water and rain protection. The top of the bag has a special rainproof cover to prevent vertical flows of water from getting in the bag. The fibers itself are a nylon fiber that will keep your belongings dry.

In addition to keeping you dry, the bag also keeps you hydrated. The Talon comes with an external hydration sleeve that you can access from outside the pack.

If you are doing more "digital nomad" style travel whereas you spend a lot of time in one place, the Talon could be a bit too much. But if you are adventure traveling, with a lot of walking on hot sunny days, then the Talon will be perfect for you.

Online reviews indicate the bag is an exceptionally comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Osprey puts a lot of effort into making their bags comfortable and your body will thank you after lugging the bag around for miles.

*Sizes for the small size.

Price: $150.00
Manufacterer: https://www.osprey.com/cl/en/product/talon-33-TALON33.html


Capacity 31 Laptop Compartment No
Weight 0.9
Dimensions 57 x 30 x 29
Osprey Talon 33

✈️ This bag can be taken on an 88% of airlines as a carry on

(175/198) Airlines will will allow this bag as a carry on.

Osprey Talon 33 Packing Lists

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Beginner Minimalist Packing List for 10 Days in Spain and Portugal

📆 11 days in 🌎 Spain, Portugal
🌡 19 to 27 °C (66.2 to 80.6 °F) 32 items

Carry On:
Osprey Talon 33

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