Tundra Backpack Teal Review

Tundra Backpack Teal

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Spatial Stats

27L - 0.8kg - 49 x 36 x 21

Airline Compatibility

✈️ 63% (124/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 63% of airlines.

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Our Thoughts

Smart little bag with nice side pockets that opens up nice and big for your stuff.

Hybrid wheeled backpacks are pretty cool because they combine a lot of useful features into one bag.

Travel is mostly standing around waiting in line or walking. Having a backpack that can convert to a roller bag is nice for when you are waiting in lines and moving slowly.

One of my least favorite parts of travel is getting off a ten-hour flight to stand in a customs line for hours with the full weight of your pack on your back. Sure you can put your bag on the ground, but then you end up with a super dirty bag before you even start enjoying your destination.

Having a roller/backpack carry-on does come with some trade-offs. That roller needs a sturdy frame so the bag will be heavy for its capacity. Also, the rigid structure does take up a lot of space so you won't be able to pack the same amount of items.

As you can see this bag opens up nice and wide to packing cubes are probably required for this bag. I love the size of the opening, but many people will find their stuff spilling out if they aren't using cubes.


Laptop Sleeve No
Compartments 0
Water Bottle
Sternum Strap
Hip Belt
Water Resistance
Lash Points
Shoulder Strap

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