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Osprey Pixel

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Spatial Stats

26L - 1.4kg - 51 x 36 x 23

Airline Compatibility

✈️ 98% (194/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 98% of airlines.

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Our Thoughts

The Osprey Pixel is one of Osprey's of smaller and more efficient bags. Typical one-bags are more on the 30L+ size, but the Osprey Pixel is a little smaller, coming in at 27L.

If packing less and minimizing the weight of your gear is essential to you, then the pixel is going to be perfect

The Pixel is designed for bike commuting or public transportation instead of lugging around a week worth of clothing. I think the Pixel would be perfect if you are traveling to a country where a pedal bike is the main mode of transportation, or you are going on a short business trip.

Osprey Quality

Osprey creates great bags so you can expect quality construction and materials and well thought our designs. Osprey bags always have the clips, doohickies, and other minor bits of useful features that help make a bag work for whatever travel situation you put it through. With Osprey bags, places to attach carabiners or water bottles are always there when you need them.

Osprey also has some of the best laptop sleeves on the market. The Pixel has a back facing one, so your laptop will always be away from any potential sources of damage. The bag also has excellent breathability with foam inserts that help keep your back cool and prevent massive back sweat. Since the bag was designed for commuting in mind, you can be sure Osprey made sure to keep the bag comfortable.

I'm a sweaty person, and it's always a major hassle when you travel with your bag on and end up with a huge sweat stain down your back. I've biked to essential professional meetings before and ended up looking disgusting. Ugh, I hate back sweats.

Overall the Osprey Pixel is a cool commuter bag that I'll probably pick up if I start riding my bike to the local coffee shops instead of taking my car.


Laptop Sleeve No
Compartments 0
Water Bottle
Sternum Strap
Hip Belt
Water Resistance
Lash Points
Shoulder Strap

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Osprey Pixel Packing Lists

Ultralight (under 7kg) Packing List for 10 Countries
📆 730 days
🌎 Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal
🌡️ 10 to 30 °C (50 to 86 °F)
📜 31 items
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Osprey Pixel
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