Thule Crossover 32L Review

Thule Crossover 32L

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Spatial Stats

32L - 1kg - 32 x 31 x 47

Airline Compatibility

✈️ 89% (176/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 89% of airlines.

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Our Thoughts

Thule is a great company that also makes excellent bags. One unique, neat feature of this model, which is not found in other bags, is a hard top compartment for secure, accessible, and safe storage for things like small cameras or sunglasses.

Most bags have a place to store passport information, but the Thule Crossover 32L is the first we've seen with a hard component that won't crumble if the bag lands on the top end. Advantageous feature for quick camera access.

The Thule Crossover is well padded and is built for carrying around your Mac Book Pro or camera equipment. With both a padded compartment and laptop pouch your technology will be safe.

This carry-on bag has a lot of tight and hard edges. What I mean by that is with the hard top compartment, very durable fabric, and sturdy straps make the bag feel very durable and robust.

Other carry-ons are floppier. Hiking backpacks have that loose and thin fabric that only provides a small amount of protection. Other nomad bags feel cheaply made, but the Crossover just feels well crafted and like it will survive years of trips.

Sturdy and Tough

Carry-ons can take a beating. You throw it into the overhead bin as fast as you can. The bag bounces off the back of a Tuk Tuk. You've placed the bag on the floor of every crowded bus and train you've been. It's gross if you think about all the floors your bad will be on.

Buying a well-constructed carry on will make the difference between critical luggage failure during a customs inspection and landing in your next destination with all your belongings safe and protected.


Laptop Sleeve Yes
Compartments 0
Water Bottle
Sternum Strap
Hip Belt
Water Resistance
Lash Points
Shoulder Strap

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