Goruck GR2 (40L)


Gorucks bags have laptop sleeves that are engineered to withstand bomb blasts. I'm not sure when that would come in handy, but extra protection extra protection always helps. I'm leading the description of the bag with that sentence because it nicely frames the kind of company Goruck is.

Goruck builds tough and secure luggage with a lifetime guarantee. Every bag is made from slash proof material so the bag will withstand the grimy floor of the London Underground or a Tuk Tuk ride without a problem.

The bag opens into a single compartment which is handy if you like bags with one big space. I think "one big space bags" require packing cubes. Personally, I find single compartment bags a bit tricky to pack because I don't like to use packing cubes. I'm a bit of an unorganized person and all my stuff ends up in a big ball of chaos once I open the bag a couple of times.

One thing I really like about the FR2 is the lack of straps coming out like an Octopus. Some one-bags on the market have a strap and carabineer hook for every little thing you can think of. Whenever you pick up a bag with tons of straps, the straps flail around and slap everything and everyone around you.

One time a strap caught on an airport shuttle door and I couldn't get the bag free. Good times.

Overall I love the GR2 for its simplicity and build quality and also trust them as a company that will be around for a while. There are a lot of kickstarter bags out there and there is always a risk that a new company won't be around to replace your bag when it fails.

✈️ 97% (192/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 97% of airlines.

Goruck GR2 (40L)
Capacity 40
Weight 2.2
Dimensions 32 x 56 x 23
Laptop Sleeve Yes

Manufacturer: https://www.goruck.com/gr2/

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