Tortuga Outbreaker 35L Review

Tortuga Outbreaker 35L
Spatial Stats

35L - 2.1kg - 52 x 33 x 21

Airline Compatibility

✈️ 98% (194/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 98% of airlines.

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Our Thoughts

The Torguta 35L is a great bag that is built extremely well and keeps your stuff safe and secure.

The Tortuga 35L has been my one bag of choice for a couple of years now, and I have no complaints. I've traveled for both business and pleasure with this bag, and it has never let me down.

One huge bonus is the Tortuga has loads of pockets for all your stuff. There is a nice amount of room for everything you need. Personally, once the trip starts, my organization goes out the window. With the Outbreaker the pack is divided into two main compartments so at least I can keep my rolls of socks from getting into my toiletry bags.

The carry-on is a little heavy but feels very durable. When full, the bag is hefty, but I think that is more a reflection of efficiently you can pack the bag versus the bag itself.

The more rounded edges a bag has, the harder it is to pack efficiently. You always end up with square corners of things hitting up against the rounded parts and leaving space. Sometimes you can stuff that space with various odds and ends but with packing cubes that becomes difficult. Since the Outbreaker has square corners that wasted space isn't a problem.

Since this is my current one bag of choice, I can highly recommend it.


Laptop Sleeve Yes
Compartments 0
Water Bottle
Sternum Strap
Hip Belt
Water Resistance
Lash Points
Shoulder Strap

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