Packing List for a Five Day Company Meeting in Anne Arbor, Go Blue!

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Tortuga Outbreaker 35L

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📆 5 days in United States
🌡 Between 17 and 29 degrees.
Travel Month: July
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Finally, time to post my own list!

Twice a year the 100% remote company I work for brings people together for offsite meetings. Since we all work remotely, these meetings give us a chance to discuss complicated topics and build rapport and relationships with each other.

Minimalist packing for these trips is more comfortable in some ways but more difficult in others.

The first apparent difficulty is I have to pack appropriate shirts and shorts. Regularly, I'm wearing exercise shorts and cheap t-shirts from Amazon, which wouldn't be acceptable in a professional setting. Nobody dresses full business casual, but I think it's important not to look too slobby.

What makes the packing easier is I have some idea of the activities and conditions we'll experience. Almost all activities, including dinner, are planned so I know what I'll be doing. Packing for a day of meetings and meals is pretty easy.

We did spend a half day walking around Greenfield Village, a park/museum, that Henry Ford built. Since we had a full day of walking around it made sense to also pack my running shoes.

I always struggle with whether or not to bring exercise gear. Sometimes I haul exercise shoes 1200 miles and never use them. I get tired after a day of meetings and need all the sleep I can get. Because I could use the walking shoes during the visit to the park, and while walking around, I felt like bringing the running shoes wasn't a waste.

I ended up exercising two times during the three non-travel days of the trip, so that was worth it.

The Torguta Outbreaker worked great, and I could have packed another day or two of clothes. One of my co-workers did arrange dinner at a nice restaurant meal so some slacks would have been great to wear instead of shorts. From now on I'll always bring business casual pants.

This trip I experimented with watching Netflix on my phone instead of an iPad. My phone worked ok but I would have been happier having my iPad. The book I brought was oversized but I had no way to know that until I received it. I think my phone would work for medium haul flights when there is no movie screen.

Overall very happy with what I packed and the trip in general. Always fun to hang with your co-workers, do some great work, and eat great food.

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John Farrell
Packing List
3 Collared Polo Shirts
2 Calvin Klein Button Downs
Sleeping TShirt
Underarmor Exercise Shirt
6 Haynes Boxer Briefs
6 Pairs of Haynes Socks
3 Pairs of Shorts
Underarmor Running Underwear
Exercise Shorts
Running Shoes
Shaving Gear
Contact Lens
Hair Pomade
Razor Laptop
USB Charging Cable
Book: The Emperror's Blades
Running Pouch
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Picture of packing list titled: Packing List for a Five Day Company Meeting in Anne Arbor, Go Blue!