NEEKFOX 35L Backpack

The Neekfox backpack is more of a hiking backpack but that doesn't mean anything. Whats the difference between a one bag carry on and a hiking backpack? Both are designed to be light, durable, and be ok for a long-term trip.

The only major difference would be size. Some hiking bags are pretty tall with have semi-rigid backs so they may not fix into a carry on compartment. The Neekfox is pretty small for a king bag so it does fit inside most airline carry on compartments.

Price: $21.00
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Capacity 35 Laptop Compartment No
Weight 0.4
Dimensions 53 x 33 x 23
NEEKFOX 35L Backpack

✈️ This bag can be taken on an 97% of airlines as a carry on

(193/198) Airlines will will allow this bag as a carry on.

NEEKFOX 35L Backpack Packing Lists

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Packing List for a Month in Morocco

📆 30 days in 🌎 Morocco
🌡 19 to 24 °C (66.2 to 75.2 °F) 44 items

Carry On:
NEEKFOX 35L Backpack

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