NEEKFOX 35L Backpack

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The Neekfox backpack is more of a hiking backpack, but that doesn't mean you can't use it for one-bagging.

Hiking is One Bagging

What's the difference between a one bag carry on and a hiking backpack? Both are designed to be light, durable, and be useful for a long-term trip.

Both have to survive bears or boat trips, trees or tuck tucks. Hiking bags probably have a lot of weight and durability advantages over traditional one bags . There may be a lot of underrated hiking bags out there that would work perfectly for one-bagging.

The only major difference would be size. Some hiking bags are pretty tall with have semi-rigid backs so they may not fit into a carry on compartment. The Neekfox is pretty small for a king bag so it does fit inside most airline carry on compartments.

Some airlines have fixed dimensional restrictions which means if you violate one of the dimensions like height or width, then the bag isn't compatible. Other airlines have linear restrictions which mean as long as the sum of the dimensions is within the limit, then the bag is ok. Hiking bags have weird dimensions so the bag will be more compatible with linear restrictions.

✈️ 98% (194/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 98% of airlines.

NEEKFOX 35L Backpack
Capacity 35
Weight 0.4
Dimensions 53 x 33 x 23
Laptop Sleeve No


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