Cotopaxi Allpa

The Cotopaxi Allpa is a huge indogogo success for a reason. The Cotopaxi is probably the most durable travel carry on the market today. The most unique aspect of the bag, aside from its pretty wild child style, is the built in packing cubes and a super protective outer covering.

Price: $200.00


Capacity 35 Laptop Compartment No
Weight 1.5
Dimensions 51 x 30 x 20
Cotopaxi Allpa

✈️ This bag can be taken on an 80% of airlines as a carry on

(158/198) Airlines will will allow this bag as a carry on.

Cotopaxi Allpa Packing Lists

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Sri Lanka with a Suit

📆 14 days in 🌎 Sri Lanka
🌡 27 to 31 °C (80.6 to 87.8 °F) 55 items

Carry On:
Cotopaxi Allpa

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