Sri Lanka with a Suit

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Cotopaxi Allpa 35L

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L

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Capacity 35L
Weight 1.5
Dimensions 51 x 30 x 20
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📆 14 days in Sri Lanka
🌡 Between 27 and 31 degrees.
Travel Month: January
Picture of packing list titled: Sri Lanka with a Suit

Packing for adventure and a wedding is a huge challenge, but beetbeets pulls it off with a finely tuned list. You can tell from the linked reddit post that beet beets thought a lot about his list and packed very wisely.

Love how he lists packing a neck gaiter, but mentions his wife stole it. Does that count as him packing it?

I don't like anything extra around my neck. Even turtlenecks are too much. There is a new hipster style of buttoning the top of a dress shirt. I don't like that either as my neck is a bit wide and I always feel strangled

Packing two hats seems a bit much.

Dryer Sheets

Beetbeets mentions wanting febreeze and/or dryer sheets for the trip and I agree. When its humid and hot out, keeping a packed bag is a real challenge and anything helps.

Your clothes won't dry well in humid weather and forget about bringing a towel along.

Packing a Wedding Suit

beetbeets mentions traveling for a wedding which is super interesting and tough to pack for. Suits are bulky and take up a lot of room. Also, it is tough to pack a suit so it doesn't get wrinkly during travel.


Added By:
John Farrell
Packing List
Underwear 4 (C9 by Champion)
Short socks 3 (generic CoolMax)
Pants (Lululemon ABC)
Shorts 2 (Outlier)
T shirt 3 (C9, Eddie Bauer, Rhone)
Button up shirt 2 (Western Rise Airlight and shop shirt)
Uniqlo undershirt (not shown worn under suit)
Neck gaiter (not shown my wife stole it)
Sneakers (Loyak Astral)
Hat 2 (Eddie Bauer and Lululemon)
Dress Shirt
Dress Shoes
Dress Socks
Kindle + cable (Left in a car :()
Headphones + adaptor
Apple watch + cable
Phone + cable
Battery pack
Travel power adapter (Kikkerland works great)
Headphone splitter (didn't use)
Toothbrush + toothpaste
Hair cream (Could have brought less in a smaller container)
Razor (Philips Oneblade)
Nail clippers
Solid sunscreen (Neutrogena brand. Worked great)
Solid bug repellent (Worked great)
Travel towel 2 (One for each of us. Glad we brought them)
Inflatable neck pillow (used once but really nice to have)
Packable daypack (Cotopai Batac6)
Filter bottle (Grayl)
Etra flat bottles x2 (Platypus)
Water purification tablets (used a couple of times)
Powdered drink mi (covered the taste of gross tap water)
Flashlight (small Nitecore. USB chargeable)
Crappy headlamp
Keychain thermometer (Didn't work, tossed it)
Small compass
Bandanna (very helpful)
Decom sensor x
Test strips 50
Lancets 2
Glucometer/PDM (fresh batts)
Pod 0
Alcohol swabs
Tresiba pen + needles
Humalog pen + needles
Prescription meds
Imodium (didn't need this!)
Mobic (NSAID)
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Picture of packing list titled: Sri Lanka with a SuitPicture of packing list titled: Sri Lanka with a Suit