TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible

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The Mother Lode Weekender is not designed for one-bagging it, well, except, most carry on only packing lists would still fit nicely into this bag.

With plenty of internal storage sections, you won't even need packing cubes with the Mother Lode. This carry-on has everything you need in a beautiful and budget-friendly package.

One of the reasons I love the Mother Lode Weekender is because its not your standard black on black. The blue bag with the orange inside looks really beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

I don't regret spending a lot more on my carry-ons but I feel like I would have gone with a mother-lode bag for shorter domestic trips with more bag-friendly environments. By bag friendly environments I mean taxis and modern public transportation.

What makes a one-bag a one-bag?

What I find the most interesting is people are traveling for weeks with a bag titled "weekender". The bag seems well thought out, has a lot of features that you'll need for one-bagging, but isn't marketed as one bag.

Other one bags are strappy, black, and heavy where-as the Mother Lode Weekender is light, colorful and without all the billion clips, straps, and other attachments that seem to be standard on another bag.

You don't need the latest Kickstarter, "digital nomad" focused, bag to pack light and enjoy being agile and lightweight. I'd argue a cheaper bag makes sense the majority of the time. These days I one-bag 2-3 times per year so investing in really expensive bags doesn't make as much sense. I could use a smaller, more durable bag, instead of a heavy bag made out of bomb-proof material.

✈️ 47% (94/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 47% of airlines.

TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible
Capacity 54
Weight 1.8
Dimensions 56 x 36 x 23
Laptop Sleeve Yes


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