Aer Travel Pack 1


The Aer Travel Pack is a hugely successful Kickstarter backpack and was awarded the Best Travel Pack of 2017 by

One Bag From the Start

The Aer Travel Pack is designed to be a one bag so you'll find a lot of similar features to other bags like the Tortuga Outbreaker. All these bags are black, feature identical feeling materials and looks.

The Aer Travel Pack stands out for its slick lines, minimal decor, and smooth appearance. Other one bags look like a Humvee SUV with hard lines or creases everywhere you look.

The Aer Travel pack also slims down on the number of straps you have to deal with. Bags with too many straps are just hard to deal with. I've seen straps get stuck on everything from security scanners to other people. Not fun.

A Shoe Compartment

The Aer Travel pack stands out with a dedicated shoe compartment. One bag shoes are a severe problem to crack. A single pair of flip flops will work for some destinations, but you'll always need a couple of closed toe shoes for going out or doing anything even slightly adventurous.

I also like bringing exercise shoes if I feel like I can get a run in. Running always gives me a chance to see a destination in a new light. My favorite travel memories are watching cities come alive as the day begins.

Closing Thoughts

Overall the Aer Travel Bag is an awesome one bag. A new model, the Aer Travel Pack 2, is available so you may be able to find this bag very cheaply.

✈️ 100% (198/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 100% of airlines.

Aer Travel Pack 1
Capacity 0
Weight 0
Dimensions 0 x 0 x 0
Laptop Sleeve No


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