About Aer

Now, if you're into a minimalist aesthetic but don't want to compromise on functionality, I've got just the brand for you - Aer. This San Francisco-based company is all about modern, streamlined design that doesn't skimp on practicality. They are the masters of creating bags that are perfect for the city dweller, the gym-goer, and the weekend adventurer alike.

Picture this: a sleek, matte black backpack that fits your laptop, gym gear, and even a pair of shoes, without looking bulky or over-packed. That's the Aer magic. Their bags are thoughtfully designed with compartments for everything, yet they maintain a slim, stylish profile. It's like having a compact car with the horsepower of a high-performance vehicle.

Aer bags are not just about looks and functionality, though. They're also built to last, using high-quality, water-resistant materials that can take a beating and still look good. They're the perfect companion for the urbanite on the move, fitting seamlessly into a fast-paced lifestyle that blurs the lines between work, play, and travel.

Now, here are some interesting facts about Aer:

Aer was founded in 2014 in San Francisco, a city known for its innovative startups and tech culture, which definitely reflects in Aer's designs. Their first product, the Aer Duffel Pack, was launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over three times its original goal. Aer's design philosophy revolves around creating simple, yet functional products. They blend a clean, architectural style with features that cater to modern urban life. Their bags are made from 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon, a material originally developed for military body armor. So, it's safe to say these bags are tough. Despite being a relatively young company, Aer has made its mark in the industry, receiving numerous awards and recognition for its design and innovation. The company is committed to responsible manufacturing and works only with factories that meet strict standards for safe and fair working conditions.

Aer Travel Backpacks

Front facing view of the Aer Capsule Pack (35L)
Aer Capsule Pack (35L) by: Aer

35L 4.1lbs

✈️ 80% - 21x6x4in

Front facing view of the Aer Capsule Pack Max (40L)
Aer Capsule Pack Max (40L) by: Aer

40L 0lbs

✈️ 47% - 23x15x10in

Front facing view of the Aer Duffel Pack 2
Aer Duffel Pack 2 by: Aer

24.6L 2.4lbs

✈️ 78% - 22x12x8in

Front facing view of the Aer Fit Pack 3
Aer Fit Pack 3 by: Aer

18.7L 0lbs

✈️ 83% - 18x13x8in

Front facing view of the Aer Flight Pack
Aer Flight Pack by: Aer

23.6L 2.9lbs

✈️ 98% - 18.9x12.6x5.5in

Front facing view of the Aer Flight Pack 2
Aer Flight Pack 2 by: Aer

21L 2.9lbs

✈️ 98% - 18.1x12x5.1in

Front facing view of the Aer Go Pack
Aer Go Pack by: Aer

21.4L 0lbs

✈️ 84% - 17x12x6in

Front facing view of the Aer Tech Pack
Aer Tech Pack by: Aer

16L 3.3lbs

✈️ 98% - 18.9x12.6x7.1in

Front facing view of the Aer Tech Pack 2
Aer Tech Pack 2 by: Aer

17L 3.7lbs

✈️ 82% - 19x13x8in

Front facing view of the Aer Travel Pack 1
Aer Travel Pack 1 by: Aer

33L 3.7lbs

✈️ 64% - 22x14x9in

Front facing view of the Aer Travel Pack 2
Aer Travel Pack 2 by: Aer

33L 3.7lbs

✈️ 97% - 21.7x13.4x8.7in

Front facing view of the Aer Travel Pack 2 Small
Aer Travel Pack 2 Small by: Aer

28L 7.3lbs

✈️ 82% - 19x13x8in