About Arc'teryx

Let's chat about a brand that's truly at the pinnacle of outdoor gear: Arc'teryx. Based out of the wild landscapes of British Columbia, Canada, Arc'teryx is a brand that's as tough and adventurous as the terrain they call home.

Imagine gearing up for a winter adventure with a sleek, lightweight, warm, waterproof jacket. Or setting off for a hike with a backpack that fits like it was custom-made for you. That's what Arc'teryx brings to the table.

Their products are the epitome of form meeting function - aesthetically pleasing, technologically advanced, and designed with the user's comfort and safety in mind. Every Arc'teryx product is a testament to its commitment to quality and performance, from clothing to climbing gear.

They're not just about crafting the best gear, though. Arc'teryx is also deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practices, striving to minimize their impact on the planet while maximizing your adventures.

Now, let's get into some interesting facts about Arc'teryx:

  • Arc'teryx was founded in North Vancouver, Canada, in 1989, starting as a climbing gear company before expanding into outdoor clothing.
  • The name Arc'teryx refers to Archaeopteryx, one of the earliest known birds. The logo is based on the most complete fossil of this bird ever discovered.
  • Arc'teryx is known for its innovative designs, such as using waterproof zippers in their clothing and creating a new type of harness for climbing.
  • While many outdoor brands outsource manufacturing, Arc'teryx still does a significant portion of their production in-house in Canada, allowing them tight control over quality.
  • Arc'teryx is committed to sustainability, with initiatives like their "Bird's Nest Project" which encourages customers to repair gear rather than replace it, and their goal to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Arc'teryx Travel Backpacks

Front facing view of the Arc'Teryx Arro 22
Arc'Teryx Arro 22 by: Arc'teryx

22L 0lbs

✈️ 47% - 22x12x10in

Front facing view of the Arc'teryx Blade 28
Arc'teryx Blade 28 by: Arc'teryx

28L 3.3lbs

✈️ 98% - 21x12x6in

Front facing view of the Arc'Teryx Granville 20
Arc'Teryx Granville 20 by: Arc'teryx

20L 0lbs

✈️ 80% - 21x13x8in

Front facing view of the Arc'Teryx Mantis 32 Backpack
Arc'Teryx Mantis 32 Backpack by: Arc'teryx

32L 0lbs

✈️ 30% - 21x13x12in