About Attitude Supply

If you value versatility, adaptability, and a bit of Italian flair in your gear, then Attitude Supply is a brand you'll want to check out. Based in Milan, Italy, Attitude Supply crafts bags and backpacks that are as flexible and ready for anything as you are.

Imagine a bag that can adapt to your needs, expanding when you need more space, contracting when you're traveling light, and always providing easy access to your essentials. That's what Attitude Supply is all about. Their products are designed with a unique blend of style and functionality, making them perfect for everything from city commuting to international travel.

Think of Attitude Supply as the friend who's always up for a spontaneous adventure and always has just what they need in their backpack. They're all about ensuring you're prepared for whatever your day might bring and looking good while you're at it.

Now, let's get into some interesting facts about Attitude Supply:

  • Attitude Supply is based in Milan, Italy, a city renowned for its design and fashion culture, which definitely reflects the brand's aesthetic.
  • The company was successfully funded on Kickstarter, with its ATD1 Backpack exceeding its funding goal, highlighting the demand for its innovative designs.
  • Attitude Supply's designs focus on versatility and adaptability, with features like expandable compartments and multiple access points.
  • All of their products are designed and made in Italy, allowing for close control over quality and craftsmanship.
  • Despite being a relatively young company, Attitude Supply has gained recognition for its design approach, winning the prestigious Carryology award for Best Work Backpack.
  • Sustainability is a priority for Attitude Supply, focusing on local production, durable materials, and timeless designs to ensure their products last.

Attitude Supply Travel Backpacks

Front facing view of the Attitude Supply ATD1
Attitude Supply ATD1 by: Attitude Supply

20L 3.3lbs

✈️ 90% - 19.7x11.8x10.2in