Packing List for Bouncing in and out of Schengen

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Picture of packing list titled: Packing List for Bouncing in and out of Schengen

This packing list is a great one bag set up for a long trip in a lot of different countries. The packer is more of a permanent nomad rather than a temporary traveler so the bag probably evolves a bit as the traveler moves around the world. Pretty hard to pack for a German Winter and Thai summer at the same time.

Nicholas has been traveling since 2016 so that is a long time to tune and refine a packing list.

I find the hard part of one bagging around two different climates is figuring out what to do with your stuff after you've done with it and it no longer suits the characteristics of the location your in. You don't need five tank tops if your snowboarding. I've donated some clothes and given some away to friends, but those strategies feel terrible when you have expensive merino wool clothing.

What are you supposed to do with that $200 sweater your grandma bought you? You can't give it away, grandma would be upset, so do you ship it back? I usually avoid bringing expensive clothes around with me but you never know. For me, this usually comes up during ski trips. Ski gear is expensive and bulky and I'd be hard-pressed to get rid of it to make room.

One thing I do want to point out is that if a well-traveled digital nomad has stuck with a bag then it's a bag worth paying attention to. For this reason, I'd highly recommend considering the Timbuk2 Aviator as your one bag.


Added By:
John Farrell
Packing List
3x t-shirts (cotton mostly, trying to move away from cotton)
3x Pairs of socks (some sort of wool blend)
3x sports style underwear (not cotton) (also not pictured, in the wash!)
1x Swim/Board shortsb
2x buttoned shirts (sadly cotton right nowB
1x North Face Jacket
2x Lightning cables
2x Micro USB Cables
3x Short Ethernet Cables
1 Mini USB Cable
1 Apple Watch Cable
1 Anker 4 Port USB Hub
1x Apple 12 USB Charger
1 USA to Europe Plug Adapter
1 Bose SOundlink Color 2
1 Wired Apple Headphones
1 BeatsX Bluetooth headphones
Macbook Pro Retina 13"
Macbook Pro charger
iPad Air (with GSM chip) (used as 2nd monitor with Duet app)
TP-Link travel wireless router/access point
USB 3 flash drive with Live Linux installed
Apple Magic Trackpad 2
Code 60% mechanical keyboard
Anker 13000mAh USB charger
SIM card ejector pin
2–3x micro SD cards
2x micro SD card adapters
Sonicare charger
Remington shaver charger
Sonicare toothbrush
Remington electric shaver
Colgate toothpaste 75m
Old Spice deodorant (blue stick kind)
GoToob with head+body wash 2oz
small hand sanitizer
small Titos vodka
2x small lotions (hands, face, feet)
Nail Clippers
Anker tablet stand
Roost laptop stand
Klein stubby multi screwdriver
small padlock (for hostel lockers)
REI travel towel
Hydro Flask (vacuum insulated) 24oz
REI backpack rainfly
small first aid kit
2x silica gel packets
Small Coin Purse (purchased at a Thailand night market)
Climbing carabiner
Handmade parachute cord bracelet
Moleskine notebook
Warby Parker prescription sunglasses
1x Sea to Summit Travel Wallet (for passport, misc transit cards for different countries/cities)
black molle bag (for chargers, cables)
Amazon basic packing cube kit (not using the long skinny one)
small case for sim cards (also holds sim ejector)
small case for micro SD cards (plus SD adapters)
Hard case for Apple Trackpad
soft case for mechanical keyboard
REI toiletry bag
Fjällräven gear bag
Warby Parker glasses case
Sea to Summit day pack (stuffs into tiny sack)
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Picture of packing list titled: Packing List for Bouncing in and out of SchengenPicture of packing list titled: Packing List for Bouncing in and out of Schengen