3 Week European Experiment with 1.5 Bags

Carry-On Travel Backpack:

Patagonia Black Hole® Mini MLC® 26L

Patagonia Black Hole® Mini MLC® 26L

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Capacity 26L
Weight 1.2
Dimensions 50 x 32 x 16
Front facing view of the Patagonia Black Hole® Mini MLC® 26L

📆 21 days

This traveler's packing list is a hearty mix of light, multi-functional clothing, optimal for multiple climates, alongside top-notch tech for capturing every moment of their 21-day trip. With an evident preference for quality, every item chosen such as the Icebreaker Sphere II Long Sleeve, Patagonia Terrabone Shorts, and Outdoor Research Foray Rain Jacket and Pant, suggest a meticulous concern for comfort and versatility.

This packing list is evidently crafted by someone with a real love for travel, and an understanding of how to do it right. The choice for layered clothing such as the Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket and the Outdoor Research Helium Rain Full Brim Hat indicates a readiness for various weather conditions. The multiple lenses and the assorted tech gear also showcase a savvy traveler, prepared to document their journey using professional-quality tools.

Based on the items, you could consider adding in a few more pieces of versatile clothing. While the Patagonia shorts and Joggers are perfect for a multitude of situations, a lightweight dress shirt could prove handy for more formal occasions.

Moreover, it appears the traveler is equipped for wet weather with the Foray Rain Jacket and Pant, however, gear for colder climates such as a scarf or gloves might be missing. Given that the buff and Micro Puff Jacket are suitable for chilly situations, a pair of gloves could be the cherry on top for cold-weather preparation.

The number of electronics included, from the Olympus EM5 Mark II to the DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone, suggests a strong interest in photography and videography. With three spare batteries and an Anker Power Bank 26000, it's evident that the traveler is well-prepared. However, it might be useful to bring a separate, smaller power bank for day trips when you wouldn't want to haul the larger power bank around.

In all, the traveler has done a commendable job with this packing list, preparing for different weather conditions, potential photographic moments, and ensuring maximum travel comfort. This can serve as a template for all serious travelers out there who are keen to explore the world in style and preparedness. It underlines the importance of packing high-quality, versatile items that serve multiple needs, while remaining light and convenient for mobility.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/onebag/comments/xfdapo/a_3_week_european_experiment/

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John Farrell
Packing List
4 Icebreaker Sphere II; One is a Long Sleeve. 5.55oz and 6.50oz each respectively.
2 Patagonia Terrabone Shorts.
Patagonia Terrebonne Joggers 6.50oz
Outdoor Research Foray Rain Jacket and Pant
2 Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants
Outdoor Research Helium Rain Full Brim Hat
2 Men's Merino Dowlas Short Sleeve Crewe
Eagle Creek XS toiletry bag
Eagle Creek Compression Cubes medium and 1 small
4 Smartwool Lightweight Hiking Socks
Smartwool Compression Sock
2 Ex Officio underwear
Patagonia Air Capeline Top & Bottom
Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket
Merino Buff
Scottevest RFID Travel Vest
Ex Officio Air Strip LS Shirt
Olympus EM5 Mark II
4mm150mm Lens (28mm-300mm equivalent)
50mm300mm Lens (300mm-600mm equivalent)
9mm8mm Lens (18mm-36mm equivalent)
Three spare batteries for the M5 plus Charger
Anker Power Bank 26000
iPad Mini
Mini Dock for iPad Mini
Sandisk 2TB Portable SSD
DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone/with batteries
DJI Smart Controller
DJI 3 Battery Charger w/3 batteries