AERONAUT 30 Review

Spatial Stats

30L - 1.3kg - 51 x 33 x 21

Airline Compatibility

✈️ 98% (195/199)

This bag can be used as a carry on in 98% of airlines.

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Our Thoughts

The Aeronaut 30, or A30, is an excellent bag for shorter trips or super minimalist travel. With only 30L the bag has a limited capacity for gear but makes up for that with its small size.

Most carry-on only bags come in at 40L or 45L which can be too much for shorter trips. In my experience, if you have capacity in your luggage, you will fill it with something.

The typical scenario that happens to me is I have a four day trip for work. I break out my 40L bag and pack half of it with four nights worth of clothes. Then I end up filling the rest with of the carry-on with things like exercise gear, redundant technology like a backup charger, and extra shirts and clothes that I won't wear.

With a 30L carry-on, you avoid all that overpacking, and you'll only carry and travel with what you need. 45L is a lot of weight to support while standing in a security line.

The A30, like every bag, is made with ballistic fiber. Using the term "ballistic" fiber for a carry-on is pretty weird. I don't want my bag to survive a gunshot, I want the bag to survive being scraped against a concrete sidewalk while I wait for a taxi.

I realize ballistic fiber is probably a marketing term more than anything else. I guess surviving gunshots makes the exterior tough.


Laptop Sleeve No
Compartments 0
Passport N
Water Bottle N
Organizer Y
Organizer Y
Sternum Strap N
Hip Belt N
Water Resistance Y
Compression N
Molle N
Lash Points N
Backpack Y
Shoulder Strap Optional
Hydration N
Passthrough N

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17 Days in Southeast Asia with a Lifelong Friend
📆 17 days
🌎 South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia
🌡️ -2 to 9 °C (28.4 to 48.2 °F)
📜 49 items
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